Her pain

They knew not her pain, She yearned with screams in vain, Her voice nearly broke, With every word which she spoke.   I felt her tears hit the floor, Such thoughts which flew out her door. Speaking with such influence, They threw her off with ignorance.   Cry not no more, For your pain takes … More Her pain

I wait in expectation..

In all my works, Filled with pain. I know not what’s coming, For me to gain. It brings me joy, And it’s not in vain. I wait in expectation, While I train. For he will give, In abundance likened to rain. If only our loyalty, We maintain.


I love the space between us, It leaves more room to fuss. I seem to be losing our trust, Help me build it, we must. Trying times are here, Couldn’t be so far and as near. We’ve gotta to paint this picture, Of Life’s moments of texture.


Too young for love. Too soon for reasoning. What about now? Or even tomorrow? Don’t question the reality of things when it’s in your favour. You know deep down where the truth lies. Go on, pick up the paint brush, And paint that bigger picture. 


She was independant, And didn’t need me. I was just a distraction, To her destiny. She was no princess, Nor received the royal care. She was an heiress, Her work, with utmost flare. I was drawn to her, But never still there. To me she purred, Her thoughts, she’d never share. I longed to be … More Her