Her pain

They knew not her pain,

She yearned with screams in vain,

Her voice nearly broke,

With every word which she spoke.


I felt her tears hit the floor,

Such thoughts which flew out her door.

Speaking with such influence,

They threw her off with ignorance.


Cry not no more,

For your pain takes a detour.

Leaving them all behind,

In search of her new life undefined.

If I could, I would…

If I could, I would…

Write you a song and have you sing along, 

Hold your hand today and make you turn and sway, 

Tell you a little secret, between us we’d keep it, 

Making you smile stops time for a while,

Hold you close to me and set your love free,

Stand beside you and knowing this moments come true, 

Fight through for us knowing it’s worth the fuss, 

My sentences complete, not for your love compete,

Walk a million miles and my hair a million styles,

Catch you when you fall and this cliche is a bad call,

Say a little pray knowing full well you are rare, 

Want you to be the one sadly these words can’t be undone. 

Travel the world round to places so profound,

Make time to care, not only when you’re in despair,

Stay right here make this distance feel ablur,

Lie down on a hill and lay there pretty still,

Us! Just us! Forever and ever. 


I lay here on the floor,

Knees bent and heart sore.

Breathing intently,

So close yet unsure,

My thoughts racing,

Not finding a cure,

Waiting and waiting,

Until patience no more,

Falling face first,

On the sandy white shore.

A little less space

In close quarters, yet far away.

Somethings do slip and somethings do sway.

I’d like to feel closer, it’s true.

This emotional storm so brew.

Tie these thoughts down like my shoelace,

A little more you and a little less space.

Riding the waves

Let’s just bag pack our way through all of this.

Hop on that flight taking great risks,

Side by side, hand in hand we’ll be,

Just you and me, maybe our dog named Kaylie,

And the entire sea.


If I could share a little bit of this with you, I’d feel peace between these winds.

On the edge of my seat

I don’t want a life without you in it.

Why is this the hardest choice to make?

It’s the scariest step to take!

Don’t want no heart breaks,

This isn’t a piece of cake.

Is this feeling real or fake?

A life loyal to one mate.

Do we know what’s at stake?

I don’t believe in fate.

Can we just set the date!

Or am I a little too late?

Why did I make you wait?

Right here! Right now! Our futures we debate or create?


I lie awake late into the night,

Deep in a vast expanse of thoughts.

The holographic starry skies,

With seamless silence of peace.

I lie awake just wondering,

How far must I go to seek you out.

Against the grassy plains,

Facing a decisive change.

I like how I feel in the moment,

Just linger a little longer.

Not wanting to make it past,

Those little noisy mongerers.

About them

I’m always looking for the good in people,

Even giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Cause I hope they’ll do the same for me,

To avoid an unnecessary troublesome bout.

A painful memory

The moment I realized it, was the hardest.
The two different paths to take and love isn’t given place to bring them together.
I’d like to break it down by say that humility and hunger are two key factors.
When you crave only one person and it’s not enough.
Disappointing as can be: *pause to take a breath*
You either learn from it and walk away or live with the guilt and stay.
There is no in-between because that’s a compromise.
To each their own? One keeps guessing I suppose. I for one, won’t have it this way.

. *Smiles*