Her pain

They knew not her pain, She yearned with screams in vain, Her voice nearly broke, With every word which she spoke.   I felt her tears hit the floor, Such thoughts which flew out her door. Speaking with such influence, They threw her off with ignorance.   Cry not no more, For your pain takes … More Her pain


If I could share a little bit of this with you, I’d feel peace between these winds.


I lie awake late into the night, Deep in a vast expanse of thoughts. The holographic starry skies, With seamless silence of peace. I lie awake just wondering, How far must I go to seek you out. Against the grassy plains, Facing a decisive change. I like how I feel in the moment, Just linger … More Options

About them

I’m always looking for the good in people, Even giving them the benefit of the doubt. Cause I hope they’ll do the same for me, To avoid an unnecessary troublesome bout.

A painful memory

The moment I realized it, was the hardest. The two different paths to take and love isn’t given place to bring them together. I’d like to break it down by say that humility and hunger are two key factors. When you crave only one person and it’s not enough. Disappointing as can be: *pause to … More A painful memory


You know that one person? The person you never get tired of? You’re probably still looking for that person.