Nutella in a jar

Controlling his thoughts
His actions and fears,
They set him upon a task
Were he would disappear.
He buries himself
And stays there so still
For its the knowledge he lacks
But never the skill
They paste him
And bestrew him
Faltering and alluded,
Sense of depth, lost
Of his life its costs
Tired and drowsy he maybe
Love will set him free
Well at least that’s what he’s heard
Not everything is lost if you’re a nerd
Time has no meaning to life
Work sticks him like a knife
Dragging it out
Of its gaping mouth
He staggers up to the man in a suit
“You’ll never win”, he did repute
Onward, then he went
A letter filled, they sent
Rest by a watering hole
The messenger was a mole
“To hell with the letter” he swung
Clattering of coins rung

Don’t play the story by its rhyme
But listen to it for the chime
Together he fled
In search if his bed
Deep and deep he thought
“Why am I in this spot”
Falling to his knees
Dropping clothes and keys,
My life, he thought, they just squeezed.


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