Little Steps

It took me a while to put pen to paper,

Sitting in a room from across my neighbor.

Fear of going to work for no reason at all,

Or maybe its the fear that I might just fall.


Anxiety does grip me, making me forget,

That I have a lot to do and I am not living in regret.

The only thing stopping me is the unknown,

Because I’ve been comfortable being alone.


I have lost the need to work around people,

and the need to go to a steeple.


Goals and dreams aren’t going to work,

If pains and sacrifice don’t leave you going berserk.

Consistency is the key,

But it makes me feel like a tree.

Hanging around one place all the time,

I do not feel so sublime.


There has got be something I can do,

Which makes me feel whole and true.


I set my foot upon that stone,

Hoping I don’t get over-thrown.

Tiny steps are what I need,

As well as competition to compete.


Without a challenge, your dreams won’t come true,

So take little steps and you won’t feel so blue.


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