Drowning in your thoughts,

Without control or counsel,

Keeps your goals at bay.

Your motives will be good,

Although no one sees them,

The way it should be seen.


Then you start to care about,

What others would think – react,

Which leaves you changing your own,

Unable to be yourself.

You start pleasing these others,

And you’re never good enough.


You then ponder – unnecessarily,

Over things you cannot change.

Life – it’s purpose – your purpose,

Becomes theirs.

The particles in your body,

Start to churn – eating you up –

From the inside.


You wonder why aren’t you happy,

Losing sleep and appetite.

You twist and turn, your thoughts – they burn

Fear grips you and you question yourself.

Days go by – it just becomes worse.

Unable to function normally.


Doing what you want to do,

Is a distant picture,

Contemplating everything becomes a habit.

Losing precious time and your confidence.

Friends and family become obsolete.

Artificial and materialistic objects are your source of relief.


This time you’re left low and dry,

Regretful – is the phase you’re in.

Should’ve done this and that.

Unable to pick yourself up.

Breathe – stopping time – block out those thoughts.

Regroup – re-evaluate – progress!


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