A Wall of Thought.

The longing to know,

Has diminished.

Her thoughts have been restricted,

To: A way of ‘Letting go’.

Too much! A voice rings inside my head.

Standing its ground.

I feel just a little emotionless.

But you know it’s a must.

Else, I will be doing whatever she says,

And end up losing my own trust.

Some lines have to be drawn to define limitations,

It is a reality and not imagination.

You cannot forecast a bond,

Neither the sudden rainy day.

We did share a connection,

Those ‘Of loud thoughts’.

The mind, should be a place,

Of quiet faults.

‘I’, was always important,

But so were you.

Space is all we have,

Maybe it was all we actually needed.

This isn’t a sad story,

It is a learning curve.

Make the most of it.

You don’t have to throw away what you deserve.


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