Winter Soldier

They don’t call you a Winter Soldier for no reason.

Staying committed and upright, solid brazen,

Ripped from your heart to die,

They only hear the lone wolf’s cry.

Pressing onward into the deep valley,

Not knowing how to attack the ships galley.

Lack of troops and support staffed, sadly,

Left to fend our bruised and bloody rally.

A dense fog descends between us,

A trail of light we follow around the dust.

Silence!” We lie down in the gravel,

The enemy, just before us they travel.

Staying low and easing forth we crawl,

Hidden beneath the aftermath of a brawl.

Vividly he imagined his hopeless fate,

They were reeling us as blindfolded bait.

It’s now or never did he discuss,

Traps laden with fresh sawdust.

Rerouting their march, advantage to gain,

To once again as champions, they now reign.


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