Daze in motions

It’s a little like snow. So I guess you’ll never know.

Some ways are meant to be different.

Just a walk in the park or around the bend.

So low, it cannot deepen.

Away, on a path, it yearns to see them.

Taking on ways, they seem to know better.

You gotta reason with each word, be meek then.

Consciously, take a while today.

Pondering over small thoughts so dear.

Bringing me up to date on these far-fetched dreams.

Don’t give into such loose reasoning.

Having to be calm and composed.

Lending a silent ear uphold.

Finding solace in serving a notice today.

Felt like undoing a painting of age.

Off comes the glove and stole.

Somewhere in the distance, mist unfold.

That bench, it perched atop.

Yell, screamed, clutching a note.

Haste, made me think a while.

I knew that voice so dear.

Couldn’t have made it change for fear.

Likeness darkens the room.

Share with me your thoughts of gloom.

Leaving this here to finish.

What are we here to accomplish?

Humbly, I bring myself to this.

What a quiet little fit.

Sleep, it must pull me apart.

Can’t say I looked a little too far.

Look! It begins to rain.

Don’t feel, in this daze, is not insane.


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