It was weird not talking to it, I didn’t want to talk to it, But I wanted it to talk to me.  Strange reality, As I thought of it.  It happened.  BING!  It messaged, A small volcano errupting, I still didn’t want to talk to her.  But I wanted it to talk to me. 


I’ve tried to find that common goal, But down this path I’d lose my soul. Different outlooks to life it behold, It ain’t working, truth be told. I tried to find a reasons to defend, But this is where our friendship will always end. 


Don’t leave me here, I can’t find love no more.  Not pleased to be here, I got nothing left to show.  Trival as it seems, Little do you know now. Crushed are these dreams, Hatred on the prow. 

All time low

I lay here hopeless and doubtful, As I try to picture a better future, I have been let down, And I don’t want to be here right now.  It’s enough with the distractions, And small time attractions.   I want to move forward, Each day, work for its raw worth! 


You got to respect timing.  Once you understand it,  There is no such thing as “bad timing”.  Either you got it or you don’t. 

Day dreamers A

When you refrain from saying yes to people, Does it mean you’ve got your priorities in order, Or have they become of lesser interest to you?