You don’t need me to complete you, You are already whole. Whatever I am, Will only add to you, In mind, body and soul. Advertisements

City lights

I’d want to be among these city lights, Working those late nights, Making those interstate flights, Enjoying the views from these heights, Witnessing conference room fights, Balcony breaks flying kites. Team meeting strikes.

Not mine?

I know that I will be broken hearted at the end of this. I can’t have what’s not mine to keep. She is beautiful and I do love her. I’d have her forever if she’d only take the leap.

I’m into you.

I’m into you, Like these snowflakes or the morning dew. My words maybe few, And these feelings feel so brand new. I can barely hold me tongue, Just to say I’m into you. It’s always a new song sung, And I want you to know, it is true. All I know is that you’re beautiful, … More I’m into you.

Daze in motions

It’s a little like snow. So I guess you’ll never know. Some ways are meant to be different. Just a walk in the park or around the bend. So low, it cannot deepen. Away, on a path, it yearns to see them. Taking on ways, they seem to know better. You gotta reason with each … More Daze in motions