Those lonely nights with your thoughts (1) 

This one’s gotta be good, it will get better I thought to myself as I sat and read my book. Rejection can only do good for me. Gives me time to myself. Self improvement, I shall call it. 

So let’s get started. What can I do to better myself. Setting goals and deadlines. Hmm, I lack the intellectual outlay of further education, so must do some research on that, what about getting a new book shelf and also a couple of new clothes should do the​ trick. 

Wait, this is supposed to be about me and not material things. Let’s see. What about personality development? Or a dash of creativity? Maybe a couple of musical notes to go with that. 

How about singing and tapping around. That can definitely brighten the day. Could be a good run in the morning to get a jump on the day! I know that will surely get me going. Yes! Yes! I am finally feeling better about the future! 

Hmm, when should I start? Tomorrow? Morning. 6:00 am. 

Zap! Right on! I got all this sorted out. It’s time to hit the hay. Phew, I am exhausted. A good 6 hours…3 hours of sleep…should do, I guess… Anyway, lights​ out. 

And I wouldn’t have guessed, surely enough tomorrow never came and today was always gone. The only company I had was those cold thoughts. Biting into my conscience.

Every night I planned out my day but never actually got any work done.

This divide

The same old fork in the road,

It’s time for the glue to erode.

Our friendship taking it’s toll,

We cannot just let it roll. 
It’s time for us to part,

On paths making our own art.

Destinations differential,

Our choices substantial. 
It’s time for greater odes be written,

And small dreams be smitten.

Hard work through the night,

Making these days worth the fight.
It’s time you read this today,

And look back and say.

Worth it, may it be,

Hardwork and not happiness is the key. 
This is where I go left and you go right,

On that picture, our grip becomes tight.

We’ll meet again on this crazy ride,

But for now it’s this great divide. 


I know what I want. 

Do you know what it is?

Where is the fun in saying it out loud?

Keeping it between the two of us. 

Entangled in the after hours. 

Always within these four walls and against them. 

Silent and alive, only the adrenaline rush. 

While our thoughts brush. 

Not just a little fuss. 


Just us.