She was independant, And didn’t need me. I was just a distraction, To her destiny. She was no princess, Nor received the royal care. She was an heiress, Her work, with utmost flare. I was drawn to her, But never still there. To me she purred, Her thoughts, she’d never share. I longed to be … More Her

This divide

The same old fork in the road, It’s time for the glue to erode. Our friendship taking it’s toll, We cannot just let it roll.  It’s time for us to part, On paths making our own art. Destinations differential, Our choices substantial.  It’s time for greater odes be written, And small dreams be smitten. Hard … More This divide

Unspoken words

I want her to know, That I have feelings for her. That we can be together again.  If only I can say what I feel, Without ever holding back.  Without ever causing pain. We can work things out.  And if it’s meant to be, I will fight for it.  Let us unite, Not quit.  Despite … More Unspoken words


I know what I want.  Do you know what it is? Where is the fun in saying it out loud? Keeping it between the two of us.  Entangled in the after hours.  Always within these four walls and against them.  Silent and alive, only the adrenaline rush.  While our thoughts brush.  Not just a little … More Secrecy