Those lonely nights with your thoughts (1) 

This one’s gotta be good, it will get better I thought to myself as I sat and read my book. Rejection can only do good for me. Gives me time to myself. Self improvement, I shall call it. 

So let’s get started. What can I do to better myself. Setting goals and deadlines. Hmm, I lack the intellectual outlay of further education, so must do some research on that, what about getting a new book shelf and also a couple of new clothes should do the​ trick. 

Wait, this is supposed to be about me and not material things. Let’s see. What about personality development? Or a dash of creativity? Maybe a couple of musical notes to go with that. 

How about singing and tapping around. That can definitely brighten the day. Could be a good run in the morning to get a jump on the day! I know that will surely get me going. Yes! Yes! I am finally feeling better about the future! 

Hmm, when should I start? Tomorrow? Morning. 6:00 am. 

Zap! Right on! I got all this sorted out. It’s time to hit the hay. Phew, I am exhausted. A good 6 hours…3 hours of sleep…should do, I guess… Anyway, lights​ out. 

And I wouldn’t have guessed, surely enough tomorrow never came and today was always gone. The only company I had was those cold thoughts. Biting into my conscience.

Every night I planned out my day but never actually got any work done.

Where??? Do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?


I couldn’t make a move,

Was looking for that right groove.

Playing with my mind,

Surely ain’t help me find.


I know it can only make me strong,

Doing anything right now ain’t wrong.

I can feel it so near,

Maybe it’s right here.


Listen to the heart,

Hitting home like a dart.

Come on, come on, I won’t be too long,

Get in on that song.



Where do we go from here?