Must I wait?

Let’s just get to the end,

Where our lives blend.

Unlike right now, right here,

Life seems so ‘Oh dear’.


Can we just be intertwined?

Wine beside the bed we dined?

That lustful fear.

Always seems so near.


Our dream achieved.

Near perfection believed.

Success so shear.

Lifes motions stuck in a gear.


Winter Soldier

They don’t call you a Winter Soldier for no reason.

Staying committed and upright, solid brazen,

Ripped from your heart to die,

They only hear the lone wolf’s cry.

Pressing onward into the deep valley,

Not knowing how to attack the ships galley.

Lack of troops and support staffed, sadly,

Left to fend our bruised and bloody rally.

A dense fog descends between us,

A trail of light we follow around the dust.

Silence!” We lie down in the gravel,

The enemy, just before us they travel.

Staying low and easing forth we crawl,

Hidden beneath the aftermath of a brawl.

Vividly he imagined his hopeless fate,

They were reeling us as blindfolded bait.

It’s now or never did he discuss,

Traps laden with fresh sawdust.

Rerouting their march, advantage to gain,

To once again as champions, they now reign.


When your expectation was to look at the other side of life the same way you thought she would be, but in every moment that you took a step forward, you became more afraid to do what your heart told you and you start putting logic to everything you do as it will keep out of trouble. 

Honestly, reviewing what you do before you are going to do it can save you a lot and keep you on your feet, if you plan to save your conscience the trouble of constantly hitting you up with a beep. 

I’d like to live the other way, where I don’t need to think twice or the above to get what I want. And as always, it leads to the most sublime satisfaction one can ask for. The truth is, we both know we love that feeling, the ‘In the Moment’ feeling as it puts us out of our immediate misery – no questions asked!

Dwelling on this, does affect your conscience if not sooner than later. Either one of them come to terms with it down the line or reiterates back to that scenario rather than ‘never ever’ mentioning it again. Here is where the problem lies. Ideally one cannot forgo the thought of spontaneous pleasure. Wouldn’t we all want that?

Terminology has let everyone down. And the fact that the attachment becomes really sticky during that period does affect the statistics of the contingencies. Which won’t be a problem if they remained as they were. Keep the line there. Keeping the erratic-ness and the flow going? Lessen the consistency as she said. 

You got this going well, don’t work on it immediately or in the ‘near future’ or ANY future at all, as it will ruin the ‘momentary flow of feelings’ as you wanted. Read into it and let it play out well, for it held more than what was perceived. Trust isn’t a questionable thing here ever. 

As is stated a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward:  Taco cat, madam & I did, did I? 


Getting through the senseless day,

Making a run for the door,

Paving her own path way,

Her peace finds the shore.


Her dress rolling with the wind.

Glass half way from the brim,

Places on a map she had pinned,

Body so beautifully slim.


Sleepless nights and erratic flights,

Chasing after her dreams,

The path was lead to many a height,

But never forgetting the quiet stream.




This must be the hardest part you’ll ever do.

Since it’s all either new or old,

Mind boggling or bold,

It will be two fold.

Never underestimate the other person,

You maybe the smartest one in the room,

But the other guy has an edge over your zoom,

Do make sure to use your inner mics’ boom.

These sounds you hear only at this age,

You may think, “it’s just a phase’

Be smart and grasp its gaze,

Use it and start ablaze.

A Wall of Thought.

The longing to know,

Has diminished.

Her thoughts have been restricted,

To: A way of ‘Letting go’.

Too much! A voice rings inside my head.

Standing its ground.

I feel just a little emotionless.

But you know it’s a must.

Else, I will be doing whatever she says,

And end up losing my own trust.

Some lines have to be drawn to define limitations,

It is a reality and not imagination.

You cannot forecast a bond,

Neither the sudden rainy day.

We did share a connection,

Those ‘Of loud thoughts’.

The mind, should be a place,

Of quiet faults.

‘I’, was always important,

But so were you.

Space is all we have,

Maybe it was all we actually needed.

This isn’t a sad story,

It is a learning curve.

Make the most of it.

You don’t have to throw away what you deserve.

A writer’s tale.

In some cases or most may I say?

The writer is always stumped!

One must think all day,

For a foundation must he lay?

Or his letters will be defunct!

To start with it and move along,

Involves a bit of force!

With no sense of right or wrong,

One’s content must feel strong,

And eventually take its course!

Time is an illusion we set,

To foretell our own tale,

Finding many a things to do in this time,

Distracted by even the clocks silly chime,

Could end up with a fruit cocktail.