You got to respect timing.  Once you understand it,  There is no such thing as “bad timing”.  Either you got it or you don’t. 

Must I wait?

Let’s just get to the end, Where our lives blend. Unlike right now, right here, Life seems so ‘Oh dear’.   Can we just be intertwined? Wine beside the bed we dined? That lustful fear. Always seems so near.   Our dream achieved. Near perfection believed. Success so shear. Lifes motions stuck in a gear. … More Must I wait?

In context.

Someone told me, that it’s the “Maybe’s”, That will get you in a fix.  Some day will come when you need to be sure, That your “if’s” need to be wills.  Some times it’s okay to be imbalanced, That you will fix only what’s broken. 

The truth

I miss her so much.  If only my honesty didn’t hurt her.  I need her, just a little touch.  We could work our way through.  Will you come back and we go Dutch? 

Winter Soldier

They don’t call you a Winter Soldier for no reason. Staying committed and upright, solid brazen, Ripped from your heart to die, They only hear the lone wolf’s cry. Pressing onward into the deep valley, Not knowing how to attack the ships galley. Lack of troops and support staffed, sadly, Left to fend our bruised … More Winter Soldier


When your expectation was to look at the other side of life the same way you thought she would be, but in every moment that you took a step forward, you became more afraid to do what your heart told you and you start putting logic to everything you do as it will keep out … More Palindrome


Getting through the senseless day, Making a run for the door, Paving her own path way, Her peace finds the shore.   Her dress rolling with the wind. Glass half way from the brim, Places on a map she had pinned, Body so beautifully slim.   Sleepless nights and erratic flights, Chasing after her dreams, … More Vigour


This must be the hardest part you’ll ever do. Since it’s all either new or old, Mind boggling or bold, It will be two fold. Never underestimate the other person, You maybe the smartest one in the room, But the other guy has an edge over your zoom, Do make sure to use your inner … More Listen