This divide

The same old fork in the road, It’s time for the glue to erode. Our friendship taking it’s toll, We cannot just let it roll.  It’s time for us to part, On paths making our own art. Destinations differential, Our choices substantial.  It’s time for greater odes be written, And small dreams be smitten. Hard … More This divide

No answers

It seemed like I wanted to, Get to know a bit of you, Take a dip in your mind, And see what I find. We got along so far, It was love so incredible, Now we are at war,  Our hearts aren’t inseparable.  I got no answers for you, And that I want you still, … More No answers

Must I wait?

Let’s just get to the end, Where our lives blend. Unlike right now, right here, Life seems so ‘Oh dear’.   Can we just be intertwined? Wine beside the bed we dined? That lustful fear. Always seems so near.   Our dream achieved. Near perfection believed. Success so shear. Lifes motions stuck in a gear. … More Must I wait?

Little boy

Stop living in that shell of yours, Where you make it out to be controlled by other people.  Look at all the possibilities of self discipline,  Aren’t they in abundance.  You need to do your own thing, Only then will you sustain yourself.  Money isn’t everything and, Happiness is always found within you.