Must I wait?

Let’s just get to the end, Where our lives blend. Unlike right now, right here, Life seems so ‘Oh dear’.   Can we just be intertwined? Wine beside the bed we dined? That lustful fear. Always seems so near.   Our dream achieved. Near perfection believed. Success so shear. Lifes motions stuck in a gear. … More Must I wait?

Little boy

Stop living in that shell of yours, Where you make it out to be controlled by other people.  Look at all the possibilities of self discipline,  Aren’t they in abundance.  You need to do your own thing, Only then will you sustain yourself.  Money isn’t everything and, Happiness is always found within you. 

Unspoken words

I want her to know, That I have feelings for her. That we can be together again.  If only I can say what I feel, Without ever holding back.  Without ever causing pain. We can work things out.  And if it’s meant to be, I will fight for it.  Let us unite, Not quit.  Despite … More Unspoken words


I know what I want.  Do you know what it is? Where is the fun in saying it out loud? Keeping it between the two of us.  Entangled in the after hours.  Always within these four walls and against them.  Silent and alive, only the adrenaline rush.  While our thoughts brush.  Not just a little … More Secrecy

Little did I know

She cared. She imitated his emotions.  Knowing that they will eventually be together.  Blind faith. Her knowledge was just.  She gave all hope. A better future.  It felt near although being distant.  It was love that conquered all fear.  Righteous and for everlasting life!